With CD sales falling and music downloads skyrocketing it would be naive to think that the computer as our music server is going to go away anytime soon. So what’s next in future music playing technology? There are millions of us listening to our downloaded music from our computers or MP3 players more often than not.

Let’s take your PC for instance. Even though the sound quality coming from your computer can be down right terrible, nobody can question the convenience and portability of having 1000’s of songs at your fingertips. visit:-convertitoremp3.io

If you listen to music from iTunes or other music download prog rams, you have definitely realized that the sound quality from most pc’s isn’t exactly what you would call Hi Fi. This is because typically computers are built with cheap, low resolution speakers combined with a low quality DAC chip.

You might be wondering what a DAC chip is though and what it does?.

A DAC is a Digital to Analog Converter and every computer that comes through an assembly line, is going to have one. When we download music on to our pc or MP3 player, for example, it is done in a digital format. Since we can’t actually hear in digital, we need a converter. So in order for us to hear the music that we’ve downloaded, it first gets converted from its digital format into analog.

The problem with the DAC in your computer, is that it’s a part that pc companies don’t want to spend any serious money on, so you end up with a really low end DAC and you would probably never realize that you were missing out on anything at all unless you’ve experienced an external Dac.

It makes a huge difference to the quality of your music. After using one, chances are, you wouldn’t think twice about it again. Millions of us are making the choice to have digital music as our main listening method, most of us just take it for granted that the small set of speakers or cheap earbuds that we’re listening through are great but really, they’re not.

What’s next in future music playing technology is the choice to have your digital library play at the high quality level of your CD player, or your home stereo, mp3 player, or however you would like to listen to your music.

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