It is advantageous to make food for your baby yourself and it is probably much easier than you think. Processed baby food you buy in the store usually aren’t very good values and normally have a lot of preservatives in them. You can choose only the ingredients you want, and make it in small batches at mealtimes or make larger quantities and store it for later. Here are some helpful hints for making batches of baby food in advance.

Start by shopping for your ingredients, usually fruits and vegetables at first. For best results, use fresh ingredients, not canned or frozen. It’s imperative you give them a thorough cleaning before cooking to rid them of pesticides and dirt. russian grocery store

Steaming the produce is greatly preferred over boiling it, so it retains its natural vitamins and minerals. Your cooking times will vary depending on your baby’s age. The longer you cook it, the thicker the consistency will be, which is better if she has been eating solids for a while already. Cooking it until it is quite soft is better for babies that are new to solid foods.

After cooking the food you will need to process it in either a blender or food processor of some sort. The best thing to use for the job is an actual baby food grinder or baby food processor. They are easy to work with and perform the task best. The small size of most versions makes them very portable and they can be used while you are on the go.

Using the tool of your choice, grind the food until it reaches a consistency appropriate for your baby’s stage of development.Take your baby food grinder and blend your fruits and vegetables (and meat if your baby is old enough) until it is your desired consistency.

Next you should strain the food and remove any seeds or peelings that aren’t blended in. There is usually no need to add sugar or salt. Your child shouldn’t need any, and many times added seasonings are too strong for their taste buds at this age.

For storing your newly made baby food, you can use old baby food jars or small plastic-ware containers. For your baby’s safety, you should use proper canning methods if you are planning on storing food for lengthy periods.

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